86 Harley Street (4th Floor), London W1G 7HP

86 Harley Street (4th Floor), London W1G 7HP



Osteopathy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Movement and Exercise Rehabilitation.

Heather is an expert in treating all kinds of musculoskeletal pain and injury.

She utilises a holistic approach completely tailored for the individual using hands on techniques and movement analysis and coaching that gets to the root of the problem.

Move body and mind, eliminate pain, feel better, move well, live well.

She is known for her magic hands, in depth understanding and her caring patient centred approach. She is passionate about helping people find their bodies true potential.

Originally from NZ, She has practiced in the Harley St area for 20 years in private hospitals and multi-disciplinary clinics.

Heather can treat acute and chronic conditions including back pain, joint pain, sports injuries, TMJ, headache, pregnancy, post-natal and more.

Heather has also rehabilitated people pre and post-surgery including spinal, shoulder, knee and foot, wrist and ankle surgeries.

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